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Raising Seedlings

Ngutukākā seeds respond well to a bit of preparation before planting. There are lots of ways to do this, but Graeme's preferred process is to cover the seeds with boiling water and leave overnight. By morning the seed coating will have swollen up and become soft.

Prepare a tray of seed raising mix, sprinkle the seeds evenly over the tray and cover with a fine layer of seed raising mix.

Water gently (a spray bottle is ideal) but thoroughly and keep the seeds moist until - and throughout - germination.

Place your seed tray in a sunny position, cover with glass or plastic to conserve moisture and permit light. Remove the cover frequently for ventilation.

Native seed germination times can vary. Some seeds will germinate within a week, others may take three months. Some take years. Don't give up.

Increase the amount of light and air as the seedlings grow, and keep them moist.

When seedlings reach about 4cm high, and/or a second spray of leaves is well established, prick the seedlings out of the tray and transfer into a PB2 or PB3-sized planter bag, or a 2L plastic pot.

Grow until a root ball is well established (which should take around six months). This is when your seedling is ready to be transferred into a larger pot or the ground.


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