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We plant, protect and care for wild and cultivated ngutukākā (also known as kākābeak, or clianthus maximus) around the east coast region of Te Ika-a-Māui.

We share our mātauranga, knowledge, information and passion for ngutukākā to ensure it not just survives but thrives in the future. 

We mahi to educate, inspire and empower kaitiaki tamariki, our leaders of āpōpō.



Our Vision

Our tīpuna lived in a world - our remote and stunningly beautiful east coast - where ngutukākā flourished.

With glorious springtime shows in shades of mā, whereo and māwhero, ngutukākā nourished not just the souls of our ancestors, but their bodies as well. Today, many don't know that fresh ngutukākā seed pods are a delicious and nutritious edible treat.

Less than one hundred ngutukākā plants remain in the wild today.

The white variety is almost extinct in its natural habitat.

That means that very few of us have enjoyed the sight of a blooming ngutukākā in a wild and natural location; seen tui fighting for the prime nectar-feeding position; or broken a green seed pod to nibble while walking our whenua.

The blame for this rests at the feet of all the usual factors: colonisation; loss of biodiversity; land theft and dispossession; the urban drift; introduced flora and fauna; infrastructure; development and more.

But while a few plants remain, we have hope for a new vision for the future of ngutukākā.

Our vision is for our east coast and te motu to flourish with the sight of ngutukākā in the wild once more, as it did in the days of our tīpuna.

For our tamariki and mokopuna to know that when they see the glorious clusters of red, pink and white on cliff faces, hillsides, river banks or in the garden, this is a tohu that spring has arrived.

For every visitor to te Tairāwhiti and the east coast to instantly associate our region with this taonga species.

And for all of us to be able to enjoy, celebrate, protect and cherish ngutukākā, just as our nannies did in the past.

Our Mission
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Our Trustees

Our Supporters

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi.
Engari, he toa takitini.

Success is not the work of one, but many.

Thank you to everyone who supports us, from planting, donating and funding that enables our kaupapa.

Our Supporters

Help protect our threatened taonga

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